New Automated Trash Truck, New Guidelines

Effective Jan 1 2024 Bulky Items, Hardfill and Building Debris Pickups will need to be scheduled ahead / New Trash Routes Coming Soon in May 2024
new trash program intro

Some changes for Village Trash & Recycling Pick-up include:

  • There will be two (2) pickup days: one day for trash, one for recyclables.
  • Your weekly pickup day may change;  Tues/Thurs for west side, Wed/Fri for east side (including Manlius St).
  • Each property will receive two carts, one for trash, one for recycling.
  • BULK Items (items that would not fit in the trash cart) will require scheduled pickups, and a Fee may apply (for mattresses and tires);
  • Hardfill and Building Debris will be scheduled pickups;

By scheduling pick ups for hardfill, building debris and bulky items, this will provide efficient organization to focus resources where needed rather than driving around the entire village.

A meeting was held at the village hall Thursday, February 15th to introduce the new trash and recycling collection program.   The meeting was recorded so that you may view from home.

We shared that:

  • NO, the new program will not cost you more!  There is no charge for the first set of carts and there is no charge to schedule special pick-ups unless it is for mattresses or tires.
  • Still offering the same services as before; you will NOT be losing any services.  Same service, just more organized!
  • Can you use your own trash carts?  No, only the village-issued trash carts can be picked up by the new village truck.
  • The new carts will be delivered close to the start date which we have learned will be some time in May.
  • Old blue bins (and old trash cans) will be collected on a special collection date at a later date (TBD).

PLEASE FIND THE INFORMATION PAMPHLET OUTLINING THE NEW PROGRAM below.  There is also a photo of the two cart sizes.  The two cart sizes will be on display outside the village hall through Feb.26, next to the rear parking lot entrance, if you wish to view them in person.

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