Beginning January 2024 Need to Schedule Ahead to have Bulky Items Picked Up

This also applies to Hardfill and Construction Debris
schedule ahead for pickup of bulky items, hardfill, construction debris

**Beginning in January 2024, residents must schedule ahead to be placed on the pickup schedule for building debris, hard fill and/or bulky items (ie. mattresses, etc.)  See schedules for the monthly pickup dates; plan to contact us at least a week ahead of that month's pickup date! Use Contact Us link on DPW page or call the village office to get on pickup list.

Generally bulky items pick up will be the 2nd Wednesday each month; hardfill on the 3rd Friday each month; and Construction Debris on the Last Friday each month.  PLEASE SCHEDULE THE WEEK BEFORE to schedule pick up for that month.  Thank you!

 DPW webpage has additional links to schedule pickup and submit online payment if fee applies.

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