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Comprehensive Plan Update


The Village of Fayetteville Comprehensive Plan 2021-2022 update offers an opportunity to revisit and refine the community’s vision, goals, and strategies to ensure the final plan reflects the desired outcome for the people who live, work, and recreate here.
Message from Mayor Mark Olson:
“The Village of Fayetteville is excited to undertake the Comprehensive Plan 2021-2022 update. This process affords us the opportunity to reassess where we are as a community, and serves as a catalyst for new ideas and approaches to long-range planning and growth. I believe that collectively we should explore innovative and creative solutions that will strengthen the Village and keep Fayetteville as one of the best places to live in Upstate, New York. On behalf of the Village Trustees, we sincerely appreciate your feedback and look forward to engaging with you throughout this process.”

The Village of Fayetteville last updated the comprehensive plan in 2014. The Village has a successful track record of reviewing and reevaluating the comprehensive plan approximately every 10 years to ensure the community’s long-term goals are based on existing conditions and current data, and further reflect new and emerging topics that may not have been previously considered.
The comprehensive plan update will revisit the 2014 plan, utilizing updated data to identify trends, and changes that have occurred over the past decade. The community will be integral to the process, providing critical feedback on the vision, goals, and strategies, as well as the approach to future land use considerations, policies, and the highest and best uses for our spaces. This will ultimately help guide future decision-making, capital investments, and programmatic initiatives for the Village.
The Village of Fayetteville Comprehensive Plan update will investigate traditional and innovative tools and strategies to address village-wide issues and opportunities organized by the topic areas listed below. 

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