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Do Good Dog Park -Now Open!

4/6/2022  The dog park is now open!

It took a long time for the water to subside and the area to dry out somewhat, but finally both sides of the dog park have been unlocked. With this being a new park, bear with us as we are still trying to determine the best practices for operating the dog park. The gates were locked to avoid damage from snow piled in front of them.

PLEASE NOTE:   the dog park will be closed for the winter season when there is 6-inches of snow or more.
(The gates will be locked so as not to become damaged by use when the snow piles up against them.)

 The new dog park up at Duguid Park* (accommodating both small and large dogs) has been a welcome addition.  The village is pleased to hear it has been well received and well used!  So much so that the grass wore away in some areas and stone had been added to reduce muddy areas.

Park benches also will soon be installed as well.

[*Duguid Park is a village-owned park off Duguid Road just outside the village limits.]
Phone: 315.637.9864
Fax: 315.637.0106
Hours: 8am - 4pm
Address: 425 East Genesee Street Fayetteville, NY 13066