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Mayor's Letter to Village Residents

Village Residents,

 I hope you are healthy, safe and doing the best you can during this pandemic. In the history of our village this time has been one that I never thought I we would have to go through as a community as well as a family. I have been working on what to say for days to let you know how we as your village government are doing during this time. First and foremost, every essential employee, elected official and volunteer is doing everything they can, as safely as possible, to serve our residents during this time. This virus has affected our village government family. We have had one employee test positive for the virus, two quarantined employees due to the virus, transported three known COVID-affected patients, and tested four employees for the virus. Through this all, our employees are safe and doing well. I am extremely grateful for all our essential employees during this pandemic.

 I want to thank every essential employee working during this pandemic, health care workers, food service, grocery stores, convenience stores, public employees, police, fire, EMS, everyone who has kept our lives going during this pandemic. You are forever in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for serving during this time of national crisis. I’d also like to thank County Executive Ryan McMahon, and fellow Mayors from Minoa & Manlius who have offered help during this and who have been talking to me daily.   We truly work together for all our residents. I’d also like to thank my fellow elected officials from the state, county and town who have been so helpful in working on different issues that have come up during this pandemic. I am truly grateful for your help and guidance during this time in our village history.

 Every day brings a new challenge, new problems we have never dealt with, new mandates from the state or federal governments, and we need to react to all while we are continuing to provide essential services to our residents. As I told our employees when this started this is our time to show the residents what we are all about; we will rise up and do everything we can to serve the people who we have dedicated ourselves to serving. As of today we have continued most services with some modifications. Our DPW, Fire/EMS, Codes, Clerk, Court continues to work and serve your needs, albeit with some changes in the way we operate, but we’re still here. We also have implemented cost-cutting initiatives to ensure we can provide all the services we offer while not placing any extra burden on our taxpayers during this crisis. Over the next few days, weeks, months we will work to ensure we continue all the great services you have come to expect and love while doing everything we can to keep this crisis from affecting our tax rate and tax dollars you have entrusted us to spend. We are in this together and we will continue to always work for the betterment of all that we serve.

 As soon as the county, state and federal government starts to ease some of the restrictions we have been living with over the past few weeks, the village will follow suite and begin to slowly and safely open back up. We will not rush this process; we will trust the experts that are dealing with this day in and day out.  Trust me no one wants to get back to normal than me.  I can’t wait to see everyone outside enjoying all that makes Fayetteville special over the next few months, we will try to get back to normal as quickly as possible. When we have more facts we will certainly let you know about upcoming events such as the parade, concerts and plaza events.

 There has never been a time like this in our country or in my life time and I hope there is never another one like this. I know so many of you have been affected and I wish you and your families the best. My hope is that we come out of this with a better appreciation for what we have while continuing to cherish the important things in our life.

May we all continue to be healthy, safe and happy.
May God Bless Fayetteville

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