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Highbridge & Route 5 Proposal Denied Zone Change

The Board of Trustees reviewed a Planned Unit Development (PUD) proposal for a mixed-use development to include commercial space and residential units.  At the March 22,2021 Board of Trustees meeting, EAF Part II was reviewed and a negative declaration was given.  A public hearing was held at the  April 12th meeting.  At the same meeting, the Board of Trustees voted not to approve the request for a zone change.

Below are submissions received for a mixed use development at the corner of Highbridge St and Route 5:

Waterside Highbridge Commons Submittal (2/1/2021) includes revised EAF Part 1 and SP1-Site Plan Rev1.27.21

Site Plan dated 10.28.2020 

East-South Elevations Highbridge Commons Oct.2020  

West-North Elevations Highbridge Commons Oct.2020

Revised Part 1 EAF for Highbidge Waterside Commons (Dec.2020)

Highbridge Waterside Commons Floodplain Evaluation report (Mar 2019)

Waterside Highbridge Commons Traffic Study April2019

Click HERE for link to previously submitted documents on this project.

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