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Use of Village Hall Meeting Rooms

If there are no Village of Fayetteville functions scheduled and you or a group member are a resident of the Village of Fayetteville, you may use a meeting room at the village hall.   The Room Use Policy is as follows:
  1. Village of Fayetteville functions take precedence over all other individuals, groups, or entities (i.e.. Board of Trustees, Planning Board, Zoning Board of Appeals, etc.)
  2. You must reside within the limits of the Village of Fayetteville to be able to use the meeting rooms unless your group or organization is affiliated with the Village of Fayetteville or you have a member in your organization that is a resident of the Village of Fayetteville.
  3. The Village of Fayetteville does not either support or deny interfaith or other activities but has a right to restrict them based on village financial policies in effect.
  4. Use of the rooms is limited to activities for which no fee is charged or by non-profit entities and is at the discretion of the Village of Fayetteville.
  5. The meeting rooms will be reserved through the Village Clerk's office in person or by calling 315-637-9864 and be on a first come first serve rule, unless the Village of Fayetteville has to use the room on an emergency basis.  You may schedule multiple monthly meetings, however if there is a conflict the Village Board of Trustees will settle the scheduling conflict.

If you wish to use the room, complete a Reservation Form and submit the form to the village clerk's office.  A refundable deposit of $250 may be required.
Phone: 315.637.9864
Fax: 315.637.0106
Hours: 8am - 4pm
Address: 425 East Genesee Street Fayetteville, NY 13066