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Fayetteville Cemetery Association


Founded in 1864, the Fayetteville Cemetery Association maintains a cemetery open to all with lots still available. It receives no public tax money of any kind and operates with gifts from friends and neighbors.

The 21 acre cemetery is a green landmark with magnificent trees and flowering shrubs. Some of the 300 trees planted in 1865 still provide shade. Gifts of memorial trees and shrubs make sure the grounds are maintained in their traditional condition.

The Fayetteville Cemetery is the final resting place for families and neighbors who are side by side for eternity. At the main entrance, a boulder from a local quarry memorializes the veterans of all wars and servicemen and women from the American Revolutions to Vietnam are buried here. In the center of the cemetery, close to the main entrance, is the monument to the Civil War dead. It was the first Civil War Monument erected in Onondaga County and carries the names of 103 local men who died of wounds and disease.

The unique stone wall along the front was built between 1904 and 1910. Using glacial boulders from local fields, Edward Chapman created 700 feet of wall with entrance pillars topped by candle-flame shapes. Gifts from the community, specially designated for the wall, provide for the on-going work of maintaining this landmark.

Trustees of the Fayetteville Cemetery are non-paid community volunteers who work year-round to make sure the cemetery continues as a tranquil and permanent memorial to those buried in it. 

A 24 hour answering service is maintained at (315) 637-9680.

Tax deductible contributions may be sent to:

P.O. Box 733
Fayetteville, NY 13066

Fayetteville Cemetary Association 
Linda T. Marsden, President
Robert L. Twichell, Vice President
Gary W. Casement, Treasurer
Tracy Bates, Secretary

Dennis C. Glenny 315-682-6302
Edward G. Gridley 315-243-3021
Wendy E. Jefferis 315-652-7883
Linda Tracy Marsden 315-637-3174
Robert L. Twichell w 637-6604 h 637-4792
Martin Morganstein 315-637-5390
Donna M. Scofield
Lawrence A. Chismark
Village Liaison Michael J. Small   

Mailing address - P.O. Box 733 Fayetteville, NY 13066

Phone: 315.637.9864
Fax: 315.637.0106
Hours: 8am - 4pm
Address: 425 East Genesee Street Fayetteville, NY 13066