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Deer Management

There is an informative article, "The Relationship Between Deer Density, Tick Abundance, and Human Cases of Lyme Disease in a Residential Community" Report by Howard Kilpatrick, that you may want to read.  Please find a link below.

Click here to view the Village of Fayetteville DEER MANAGEMENT PLAN (VOFDMP) Revised 2019

Upcoming Public Education Events: 

On the Cornell Cooperative Extension's website you can find much more information and additional links on deer tick and Lyme disease: 

01/28/2020- For Immediate Release

Village of Fayetteville Announces Upcoming Deer Management Window of Action

Village of Fayetteville Mayor Mark Olson announced today that the upcoming window of action for deer reduction in the village is January through March 31, 2020. These actions are part of the Village of Fayetteville Deer Management Plan. Park closures from dusk to dawn will be in effect and enforced to provide for resident/visitor safety during reduction activities.

Over the past 20 years, an overabundant white-tailed deer population has negatively impacted the village and its residents. Prompted by increased reports of Lyme disease with Village residents and pets, negative impacts to natural plant communities, frequent deer-vehicle collisions and additional property damage within the village, the Mayor initiated the formation of a Deer Committee to facilitate the planning process for a Deer Management Plan in early 2015.

The Village of Fayetteville Deer Management Plan, revised October 2019, calls for reducing the density of deer which will reduce the impact to health and safety within the village. A deer population density of 8 or fewer per square mile is needed within the village to significantly reduce tick density. The Deer Committee anticipates that the process of managing the deer population will be a long-term project.

Proactive safety measures will be in place to protect the community. Highly trained marksmen from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, working under the direction of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, under agreement with the Village and in coordination with local law enforcement, will conduct reduction actions at night when village-owned property is normally closed.

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