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Water Main & Hydrant Flushing by OCWA
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A copy of the Notice of Flushing was mailed to OCWA Customers in the Village of Fayetteville and the Town of Manlius Customers in the areas immediately surrounding the Village.

These Customers may be affected by an upcoming 2018 Uni-directional Water Main Flushing. The flushing will be taking place at night between the hours of 10:30 PM and 6 AM, Sunday nights thru Friday mornings.

Updated information regarding the  2018 Flushing Notice and other additional information may be found on the “FLUSHING” web page located at .

The OCWA flushing crew is currently working in the area at night getting valves and hydrants ready for the planned uni-directional flushing activities in the Fayetteville area. They will begin flushing from the Duguid Road area, from north of Route 5 to areas on the south side of Salt Springs Road, as they move westward toward the Village center.

The earliest the uni-directional flushing activities will be started is SUNDAY, JULY 22nd at 10:30 PM.


Please be aware, there may be water main and hydrant flushing activities being conducted in the area, day or night, due to normal water system operations (e.g., when repairing water main leaks or breaks or to address water quality issues), and these activities are unrelated to the planned flushing activities being conducted by our dedicated night-time flushing crew.

Once the individual flushing routines are finalized we will be posting the streets anticipated to be flushed a day or two in advance. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstance, water emergencies, and weather conditions it is impossible to post the flushing schedule more than a couple days ahead. We will post the names of the streets or areas once flushing of the area has been completed.

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