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...and here is a link to the latest edition of a great newsletter from the CNY Stormwater Coalition,  GUTTERS&GARDENS, how best to handle leaves, enhance landscaping, manage stormwater, along with other good information!

Public Information Meeting on SIdewalk Project

The Village of Fayetteville welcomes you to attend a Public Information Meeting (PIM) for the Sidewalk Project – South Manlius Street & Salt Springs Road (NYSDOT P.I.N. 3950.65). The meeting will be held at the Fayetteville Village Hall on Wednesday, December 12th, 2018 at 7pm. The primary purpose of this PIM is to solicit input from the local Village and Town residents.

The proposed project work generally includes:
•A new sidewalk extension on the north side of Salt Springs Rd between Redfield Ave. and Pine Ridge Rd.
•Sidewalk improvements along South Manlius Street between Clinton St. and Franklin St.
•ADA curb ramp improvements along Route 257 between Elm St. and Salt Springs Rd.


Notice of Acquisition 103-105 Feeder St



HOLIDAY Trash Pick up Schedule

Please note the following changes in the regular trash pick up during the upcoming holidays.

Trash pick up scheduled for:
  • Tuesday, Dec. 25 - WILL BE PICKED UP FRIDAY, Dec. 28 (the remainder of the week will remain unchanged.)

  • Building Debris usually picked up on the Last Friday of month will also be picked up on Friday, Dec. 28th. 
  • Tuesday, Jan. 1st, 2019 - WILL BE PICKED UP Friday, Jan. 4th, 2019(the remainder of the week will remain unchanged.)


Winter Reminders! Plowing, Parking, etc.

  • There is NO PARKING on village streets from November 1st  to  April 15th between the hours of 1 AM and 7 AM.
  • Village plows are recognized as "emergency vehicles" while plowing snow.   Please remember that the trucks and plow wings are very large and you should exercise caution when approaching them.  Plowing Routes will be done as many times as necessary each day.
  • SIDEWALKS are the responsibility of the property owner to be kept clear.  Please do your best to keep them free of snow and ice.

  • Staking  / Lawn Damage:  Each fall our drivers stake difficult areas on their routes.  If you think your property needs more staking, please feel free to purchase stakes and place them on your property.
  • Mailbox Damage?  Snow Plow Operators? Sidewalks? click below (Continue)


Canal Landing Phase IV bridges

The new bridges for Canal Landing Park were delivered and now have been installed. We hope to have the phase IV project completed by the end of this month.   Click "continue" below to see photos.


Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan



What Global Recycling Crisis Means for Onondaga County

What the Global Recycling Crisis Means for Onondaga County

The global recycling crisis has hit home. Recycling markets are in an unprecedented free fall, especially for paper products, because China, the country processing the majority of the world’s recyclables, closed its doors to most recyclables (they were getting too much contamination).
In Onondaga County and all over the world, communities are getting less money for their recycling commodities. This means everyone is paying more for recycling and in some places they actually stopped recycling because it was too expensive.

What Does the Crisis Mean for You?


Construction Canal Park Phase IV to Begin

CONSTRUCTION TO BEGIN THIS WEEK on Canal Landing Park Phase IV in the area of Feeder Street behind the Town Hall and Brooklea Baseball fields.  

Please note:        the Feeder Street Bridge will be closed during this construction phase. 

There will be no access from this side to the pedestrian bridge nor the Erie Canal trails.    You will need to use alternative access points, such as North Burdick Street entrance to access the Erie Canal trails.


ISO Rating - New & Improved!

The Village of Fayetteville is pleased to announce that, upon completion of a recent Public Protection Classification (PPC) Survey, our ISO Rating has improved from a 3 to 2!   There are not many communities that have the distinction of holding such a high rating!


SMTC Route 5 Analysis FINAL REPORT

The Final Report for the Fayetteville Route 5 Transportation and Land Use Analysis was acknowledged as complete by the SMTC Policy Committee on June 12, 2018.

The report is now available on our website:


SMTC Route 5 Analysis

The Syracuse Metropolitan Transportation Council (SMTC) Planning Committee approved the Scope of Work for the Village of Fayetteville Route 5 Transportation and Land Use Analysis.   This project is highlighted in the SMTC newsletter, "Directions."

CLICK HERE to see the article and learn more about the study.

And if you wish to view the entire newsletter, CLICK HERE.

UPDATE 12/19/2017:   Links to DRAFT of S.M.T.C. TRAFFIC STUDY

       Fville Route 5 Analysis Issues & Opportunities Summary            Fville Route 5 Transportation and Land Use Study Draft


Village offers Free EV Charging Station


Located at 205 Brooklea Drive in the public parking lot you may have noticed something new in recent months. As of mid-August, the Village of Fayetteville has established a free Electric Vehicle(EV) Charging Station. Equipped with two connections, this station is in close proximity to restaurants, shops, bars and the town offices in the lower village. As part of the Charge Point Network this station allows the highest level of connectivity to EV drivers. The Village is proud to extend green energy services like this to our residents and visitors.



Free Smoke Detectors by Fire Dept

Fayetteville Fire & EMS is proud to announce a partnership with the American Red Cross to install smoke detectors free of charge to district residents.


Reminder: Contractors Clean-Up

As you gear up for outside clean-up and maintenance,  your DPW  and Codes Department are offering this Reminder:







Tree & Shrub Removal, Trimmings, Dirt, Edging Lawns, Grass and Leaves, as well as all BUILDING DEBRIS.

Please contact the DPW at 637-6065 with your questions.


NYS Building Code Update- CO detectors for Commercial Buildings

Notice of Adoption of Emergency Rule --  Carbon Monoxide Alarms – Commercial Buildings
Effective:  June 27, 2015


Be Informed about Rain & Storm Water Runoff

Please click the link below for the latest newsletter by CNY Storm Water Coalition, containing very helpful information. 

CNY Storm Water Coalition

Gardens and Gutters


Emerald Ash Borer

Please be alert to an invasive species called the Emerald Ash Borer that has been detected nearby.  This little green insect will have a devastating effect upon our Ash trees.  Please take a moment to educate yourself and be prepared.


New 211 Service in Onondaga County

Onondaga County has just gone live with 211 service.  The program is described as follows:

Locating basic resources such as food, shelter, employment, or health care may mean calling dozens of phone numbers, then struggling through amaze of agencies and services to make the right connections. The 211 system helps residents find resources by dialing a simple three-digit number.  In July 2000 the Federal Communications Commission assigned the three-digit dialing code 2-1-1 for the exclusive purpose of providing widespread access to community information and referral services.

211 CNY brings together organizations in the community to better serve the residents of five counties: Onondaga, Oswego, Jefferson, Lewis, and St. Lawrence. 211 is a helpful starting point for areas with small fragmented rural communities that may not be as connected as bigger cities. Under a simple, easy to remember, three digit phone number, updated information is kept under national standards, and the call or use of the database is free and available 24/7. “

You can dial 211 from your home phone, cell phone or our office phone (Note – you DO NOT need to dial 9 first from the office phone.)


E-waste as of January 1, 2015

Effective as of January 1, 2015:   No entity may dispose of e-waste (electronics) as trash in New York State.

Click HERE to view notice from OCRRA.

Please visit these two sites for additional information regarding electronic disposal: 


Villlage of Fayetteville Climate Action Plan

How Can We Reduce our Ecological Footprint?

What is Climate Change?

What Can Be Done In Fayetteville?

For answers to these questions and more -

 take a look at the Village of Fayetteville's Climate Action Plan 


NYS DEC Cost Share Grants & The Fayetteville Example

Here is a link to an online article posted in a the Taking Roots blog 

of the New York State Urban Forestry Council:

"NYS DEC Cost Share Grants & The Fayetteville Example"

(posted October 14, 2014)


Building Debris Policy

Please take note of the Village of Fayetteville's policy on Construction Debris Pickup

(as also outlined under Department of Public Works page - see Curbside Pick up)

Debris such as lumber, wood, wooden furniture, plastic pipe (4-ft max), plaster, drywall, and plumbing fixtures are PICKED UP ON THE LAST FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH ONLY.

Concrete, masonry, bricks, clean hard fill, dirt, rocks (55 lb. containers maximum) are PICKED UP ON THE 3RD FRIDAY OF EVERY MONTH ONLY.

Please click "continued" to review further details of the village policy on debris pickup...

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