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  The Village of Fayetteville resolved in 2010 to take action to become a "Climate Smart Community."  To this end, the village has completed four action items to date as a participant of this NYSERDA program:
(1) Unified Solar Permit
(2) Energy Code Training
(3) Electric Charging Station
(4) Benchmarking  [ Click here to view ENERGY BENCHMARKING RESOLUTION ]

Buildings account for more than 60% of the energy used in New York State. Adopting a benchmarking policy to measure and share data on building energy use over time allows owners and occupants to compare energy usage against other buildings and better identify opportunities to cut energy waste.

  Collecting, reporting, and sharing benchmarking data regularly helps the public and government agencies make smarter investment decisions; rewards efficiency; and drives widespread, continuous improvement. Benchmarking requires the annual reporting of energy used in municipal buildings. 



Vlg Fay Energy Performance


Vlg Fay Energy Performance


Vlg Fay Energy Performance

The Village has also adopted a CLIMATE ACTION PLAN.

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